OzMRS Committee

Meet the OzMRS committee


Professor Rik Thompson

Founding Member

I am keen to see the organisation of metastasis researchers and clinicians across Australia, and promote the integration with the International MRS and other National metastasis societies. Through better communication, cooperation and collaboration we can achieve more than we would if working alone. I am also committed to the recruitment and training of new people in this field

Robin A - TBCP ONJCRI.jpg

Professor Robin Anderson

Founding Member

Help to build OzMRS into a strong and vibrant society embracing all with an interest in metastasis. The greater awareness that a strong society can bring to the medical research community should improve the success rate for metastasis focused grants and will lead to improved outcomes for those suffering from metastatic disease.

ONJCRI_Website_LowRes_139 - Normand Poul

Dr Normand Pouliot


My goal as president is to make OzMRS a key organisation in the Australasian region that connects bench scientists and clinical researchers with an interest in metastasis. I see the OzMRS as a central resource to inform researchers on new developments and opportunities in the field of metastasis and to encourage collaboration through skill and resource sharing.

MareeBilandzic_Image - Maree Bilandzic.J

Dr Maree Bilandzic

Vice President and Secretary

I hope to provide a forum to showcase the fantastic work being conducted by Australian metastasis researchers and an opportunity for researchers to get together and communicate.

Delphine Merino - Delphine Merino.jpg

Dr Delphine Merino


As a member of the OzMRS committee, I am hoping to strengthen the network of scientists who are sharing a passion for metastasis research, to facilitate the integration of early career researchers, and to participate to scientific events that will foster collaborations between cancer researchers in Australiasia

Carmela 2016 - Carmela Ricciardelli.jpg

Dr Carmela Ricciardelli


I endeavour to promote OzMRS, foster on going collaborations and develop new collaborations

Cox_Picture - Thomas Cox.jpeg

Dr Thomas Cox 

Executive Board Member of International Metastasis Research Society (MRS)

It is immensely important that metastasis research continues to be supported at all levels. As an OzMRS committee member I will provide the support needed to take the OzMRS from strength-to-strength. In recent years the OzMRS has developed significantly, through embracing social media, refreshing our website, expanding membership and the fostering of the next-generation of metastasis researchers. I will continue to advocate for the support of metastasis early career researchers including financial support to our student/postdocs to attend metastasis-focussed meetings. As an Executive Board Member of our parent International Metastasis Research Society (MRS), I will foster greater communication to strengthen links with the International metastasis research community.

IMG_4643 - Jacinta Simmons.JPG

Dr Jacinta Simmons


As a member of the OzMRS committee I hope to spread the word about the world class metastasis research being done in Australia.

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Dr Kelly Avery-Kiejda


I am an experienced cell and molecular biologist, and current convenor of the Newcastle ASMR Committee. A major obstacle for basic science researchers is identifying the pathway to translate our findings to the clinic. In light of the current funding schemes, we need strategies to ensure our basic researchers can thrive. The only way to achieve this is to work together with like-minded metastasis researchers and clinicians. On the OzMRS committee, I look forward to advocating the important research on metastases our Australasian colleagues are doing, as well as organising and promoting events that enhance the interactions and collaborations between these researchers.

Fred_Hollande_small - Frederic Hollande.

Professor Frederic Hollande


As an OzMRS committee member i wish to promote collaboration within the metastasis research network

Wiegmans Research pic - Adrian wiegmans.

Dr Adrian Wiegmans


As an OzMRS committee member I hope to Act as a link between the ECLC of MRS and ozMRS and help early career OzMRS engage with MRS.

EDW - E Williams.jpg

Professor Elizabeth Williams


As an OzMRS committee member I hope to facilitate engagement and collaboration of Australasian metastasis researchers nationally and internationally. Raise the profile of Australasian metastasis researchers.

_DSC7202 - Philip Gregory.jpg

Dr Phillip Gregory 


As an OzMRS committee member I hope to Broaden  and enhance our network (and being the cell plasticity advocate!)


Professor Paul Timpson 


As an OzMRS committee member i hope to interact with the community of researchers who have a common goal of targeting both cancer progression and growth with anti-metastatic targeting as a key dual focus to reduced mortality for cancer spread.